A one time read-through with notes on your script that will include overall impressions, areas of weakness, and next-step suggestions. A timed phone session as indicated below will be scheduled to discuss.

Feature Screenplays ~ $150  (1-hour phone session)

1 hour TV specs ~ $125  (1-hour phone session)

Shorts ~ $100  (30min phone session)

1/2 hour TV Specs ~ $100  ( 30min phone session)

Query Letter - $50 (30min phone session)


Basic Notes (4-6pgs):  $300

Include comprehensive and constructive comments on your story, structure, concept, characters, dialogue, tone, etc., plus specific suggestions on how to improve them to maximize marketability. Does not include synopsis. (max 120 pages)


Extensive Notes (8-10 pgs): $500

Along with a 1-2 pg synopsis, notes include comprehensive suggestions on how to improve story, structure, major characters, pacing, stakes, climax and resolution. They will identify specific problem scenes, dialogue and formatting issues, along with a guide for marketing strategies. (max. 120 pages)

Turnaround time approx. one week 


Scriptwriting for feature and television based on your original concept or adaptation of rights-owned properties. Please contact me for rates on:

Screenplays - feature

Screenplays - rewrites

Screenplays - TV

Mini-bibles, Bibles, Treatments, Synopsis


"I’ve been very fortunate to have worked with JoAnn for several years, including nearly two years in the Master Screenwriting Certificate program with Screenwriting U. Jo-Ann has expertise in a number of genres, including comedy, romantic comedy, thrillers and drama. JoAnn has a phenomenal attention to detail and can not only pinpoint story problems but can provide very specific solutions that can help the writer vastly elevate the pacing, structure, dialogue and plot progression, while maintaining the writer’s vision for the story.  

JoAnn has provided me with remarkable insights and solutions to creative problems in my screenplays. She has the unique gift of seeing the vision of my story, while helping me to elevate the quality, without ever trying to change my story. Her notes have exceeded those from professional feedback sources that I have previously received. JoAnn is also fantastic to work with and her passion for helping others is a tremendous benefit for writers of all levels seeking outstanding insights, honesty and sound and creative feedback.  

I would highly recommend Jo-Ann for both her immense knowledge of screenwriting and for the outstanding insights and honesty she can provide to writers."

-- Thomas Doran, Amherst NY

While being a phenomenal screenwriter, JoAnn is also a fantastic teacher and script doctor. Her coverage on my feature screenplay is the most perceptive and most comprehensive I’ve ever received. Her critique was accompanied by insightful suggestions to elevate my script and she also provided an in-depth analysis of all elements of a screenplay… concept, structure, character, etc. And, most importantly, she is frank, honest, and encouraging. When she recommends a script, it’s ready to market to A-list producers. It is with high confidence I endorse JoAnn.

-- Linda Cattani, Cleveland OH

JoAnn provided comprehensive feedback for a feature screenplay. The notes were both extensive and meaningful. The consistency of JoAnn's comments were a critical step and was the necessary next step to help shape, further develop and improve the quality of the screenplay. JoAnn has my complete endorsement!

-- Mark Schimmel, Chicago IL