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Genre: Dramatic Comedy


Logline:  A former mobster struggles to stay straight and reconcile with his daughter while small-town politics, a crazy ex-mob boss and a PTA fundraiser stand in his way.


Mobster NICK MORETTI is rat-pack smooth, able to negotiate his way outta anything. He gets framed for a murder by the boss's son VINNY and spends the next twenty years in prison. This creates a rift between him and his daughter SOPHIA who was only a child when she watched her father get arrested and carted off. 

Now out of prison, his old mob boss makes Nick next in line as boss. This again inflames Vinny, who orders a hit on Nick… and succeeds! 

But, Nick fakes his death to get Vinny and his goons off Nick’s trail. Nick escapes to the only place he knows he can be hidden and safe… Ohio, the home of his estranged daughter, Sophia. However, Sophia would prefer that Nick drop dead on the spot. So Nick develops another angle… 

He puts his negotiation and fundraising skills to the next step up from racketeering ... the annual P.T.A fundraiser. 

At the same time, Nick bonds with DANNY, the grandson he’s never known, and helps him deal with a bully; and his mom’s fiancée, the local Chief of police. Sophia remains suspicious of Nick's history of lies and let-downs. 

Vinny gets word of Nick's whereabouts and sets out for Ohio. Arriving right smack in the middle of the school carnival, Vinny manages to kidnap Danny. Nick must now stage a rescue to recover his grandson, redeem himself to his daughter, and deliver Vinny to the police. This will take the help of the proverbial village... 

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FINALIST - Austin Revolution Film Festiv
2019 FINALIST - Screenplay Festival - GO
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Genre: Action/Thriller


LOGLINE: After a stolen cyber-weapon causes his wife’s death, a cyber-analyst must track down and stop a global conspiracy involving terrorists, a covert government agency, and the hacktivist who started it all – his own brother.


The most secure computer network in the world is being hacked!


NSA’s data facility is under attack. When his brother-in-law, NATE is unable to stop it, JONATHAN KIRBY shuts down the system. Director WEICHERT wants answers so Jon’s boss and wife, HELENA flies to Washington. Her plane plummets enroute, a victim of the stolen data as an Eastern-European terrorist group, Bleeding Wolf, takes responsibility. Jon grieves as Nate goes underground and steals the terrorists’ frozen assets.


Jon is arrested for treason by association and is forced to hunt Nate with FBI agent, CLAIRE RODRIGUEZ.


In London, they track down black-hat and grey-hat hackers while agents from the terrorist hacking group hunt them. So they lose their Interpol tail and meet up with Nate’s ally who gives them a thumb drive and a clue to Nate's whereabouts. They manage to elude more terrorist thugs who call their boss…


SMAGULOV who passes on the bad news to his companion… Nate!


Claire and Jon make it to Paris where they connect with Nate. He begs Jon to help. The terrorists intend to hack and crash a commuter train. Claire and Jon thwart the attack just in time unaware that Smagulov has a secret plan. He loads a maintenance train full of C-4 and ...


Blows up another train in the station causing chaos, destruction, and death!


Escaping Thorne’s armed guards, Claire, Jon, and Nate lay low in a safe house. However, when the extraction team tries to kill them, they separate. Claire will seek help from their Interpol adversary while Jon and Nate break into a CIA site to hack through the firewall and obtain the CIA's secret cyber-weapon.


Cyber-weapon in hand, terrorists, Interpol, and US agents converge on their location where betrayals and secrets put Jon in the crosshairs between covert government and Smagulov's forces who will kill him for it.



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2019 Quarterfinalist - Screencraft TV Pi
2019 FINALIST - Screenplay Festival - GO

GO ASK ALICE - Pilot            RECOMMENDED by: Val McLeroy, EPIGRAM

Genre: 1HR Drama,Thriller                       Entertainment; Danny Manus, NoBullscript


LOGLINE: A down-on-her-luck waitress becomes a Human Lab Rat to find the cure that will save her daughter’s life and starts a revolution that threatens to topple the entire pharmaceutical industry… if it doesn’t kill her first.


Down-on-her-luck waitress Alice Delaney spends her days eking out a living that barely pays the rent. Until she serves the strangest tea party of her life.


Macen and his companions celebrate finishing their latest lucrative clinical trial as Human Guinea Pigs. Their happiness is short-lived, however, when one of them collapses. In exchange for saving his life, Alice finds herself fired and now vulnerable to her sleazy landlord. Even worse, her young daughter Lilith has been rushed to the hospital where she’s diagnosed with a rare blood disorder that requires experimental and expensive treatment. Without any other options, she seeks out Macen, who uses his wiles to get Alice accepted into the Lab Rat system and ready for her first major trial.


Dr. Gussano, a researcher with dubious morals, intends to have a successful trial for his latest drug known as PAR 573 – regardless of what the drugs do to the Lab Rats.


When his drugs go missing, however, Gussano assumes the newbie, Alice, is a mole for a competing clinic and orders his thugs to take care of her and retrieve the stolen supply. After being injected by the goons with an almost lethal dose of a psychiatric drug, Alice barely survives with the help of her new unlikely friends.


Weak and exhausted, Alice returns home to find a mysterious man from her past seated at her kitchen table before collapsing into unconsciousness.


Over the course of the season, Alice will risk everything to find the one elusive drug that will save her daughter's life. To do this, she and her new lab rat family will lie, cheat and steal as they chart a dangerous course into the underground world of unethical clinicians, life-threatening drug trials, and a community of desperate lab rats. As the series builds, Alice will find herself the catalyst in a war that threatens the entire Pharmaceutical Industry – and her own life.


In a world precariously on the razor's edge of society, the show teeters between the surreal, drug-induced world within the bizarre Lab Rat community and the “real world,” often showing how, in many ways, they aren’t so different.

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QUARTER-FINALIST - WeScreenplay Televisi
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Genre: Animation, Family/Adventure


Logline:  An awkward boy discovers a hidden book that unleashes his arcane abilities setting him and his friends on a quest to rescue his long-lost father and stop an interdimensional enemy from overtaking the last known magical stronghold -- Earth.

Sometimes being a true hero isn’t just a fantasy.


Since his father went missing five years ago, WYATT (10) spends most of his free time living in a video game world or live action role-playing (LARPing) with his best friend MYLES and cousin GEMMA. While searching in the attic, Wyatt discovers a magic TOME declaring him a Rifter. Wyatt freaks out and tries to get rid of it, unaware…


A portal has opened allowing a mysterious creature, BONZEY, to enter their world… and he’s hunting Wyatt!


Meanwhile, in another dimension, THE DIRECTOR, a sinister being determined to absorb the universe’s magical resources to run his domain, has his sights set on Earth, knowing the last of Earth’s defenders sits in one of his dungeon cells. He’s given word that his spy has made it to Earth, and they await his report to prepare for conquest…


Unaware that Wyatt and his companions have dispatched his minion, at the Wundermart!


Wyatt inadvertently opens a rift which sucks him and his friends into an interdimensional elevator, along with Bonzey! They stop at a world of cupcake-like beings enslaved and guarded by The Director’s steampunk-like army to mine their world of magic, slowly killing the planet. When two of his crew are captured, Bonzey promises to take Wyatt to free them. But instead…


…leads them into the clutches of a giant troll named... LARRY! Wyatt sacrifices himself to save his friends.


Encased within a magic-syphoning chamber, Wyatt finds another Rifter -- Earth’s previous Defender -- Wyatt's DAD! With a magical power surge, Wyatt frees them both. Meanwhile, Wyatt’s friends fight their way through The Director’s monstrous staff to find Wyatt, as a guilty Bonzey manages to free Tome and uncovers The Director’s evil plans for Earth. Together they discover the hybrid-army and realize the tanks are powered by… Rifters! Before they can free them…


The Director and his forces attack. Tome sacrifices himself to save Wyatt, giving Wyatt one last spell to escape…


They arrive at an ancient temple where the Rifters began. Wyatt is called on by the Elders to fulfil his destiny as a Master Rifter! Drawing on his full powers, Wyatt leads his friends and Rifters in a mighty battle between magic and machine – on Earth at the Wundermart! But before Wyatt can dispatch The Director, he’s whisked away to The Director’s magic-depleted home planet. The Director is a RIFTER!


Wyatt must face the powers of The Director head-on and alone. But he has a trick up his sleeve that The Director will never see coming!



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Genre: Romantic Comedy


Logline: To save her shop, a quirky baker struggles to win a national baking contest against a scheming reality-show diva while caught in a romantic jam between a bake-a-holic competitor and her old flame, the show's most critical judge.


Sometimes love abandons us for a reason…


GINA fell hard for fellow intern ETHAN. But ambition won over heart and he left to make it big without her. Ten years later, Gina’s stuck in the past in a run-down bakery inherited from her grandfather. To save her shop, Gina's GRAMMY suggests she auditions for a National Baking competition. There's only one catch...


Ethan is one of the harsh, overly critical judges on the show – the Simon Cowell of baking!


Despite a fire, a falling ceiling, and a trip to the ER, Gina wins a spot on the show. She meets fellow competitor and baking show fan-boy, JOSH and MARISSA, a reality-show diva who’ll do anything to win. Ethan and Gina rekindle a spark between them despite, the no fraternization rule. Marissa also makes a play for Ethan, and Gina ends up embarrassed by Marissa's persistent passive-aggressive mind games. Grammy helps, but something's wrong.


During the competition, as Gina’s distracted with an ailing Grammy, Marissa switches ingredients on Gina. Gina’s cake explodes in the oven, just as Grammy collapses.


Gina’s eliminated. She’s ready to close her shop but Grammy hands her Grandpa’s recipes and tells her to just be herself. “Once you accept the way you are, you find success in ways you never expected.” Gina reads the recipes and notes to Grammy from Grandpa signed, Confectionately, yours. Josh surprises Gina by visiting Grammy.


Gina spends time with Josh at her bakery where they bake, laugh, and flirt. Romance emerges.

Ethan arrives to tell Gina she's been given a second chance in a wild card baker's battle. Josh sees Gina embracing Ethan, crushing Josh's dream of being with Gina. He sends her a good luck note signed, Confectionately, yours... Gina wins, but Marissa accuses Ethan of forcing himself on her.


In the final bake-off, it's Josh, Marissa, and Gina. As Gina struggles, Josh makes a decision, he forfeits his place and joins Gina's team. As Marissa and Producers protest, Josh quotes a loophole. He's permitted to work in a kitchen but doesn't specify which one, he chooses Gina's. When he turns on their bake-to music, Gina's heart is torn.


Gina wins! But, there’s NO MONEY... the Producer’s part of a pyramid scheme gone bust.


Gina finds Marissa's hidden tape revealing her lies and Ethan gets his reputation back. He sees it as a chance out of the limelight. He offers Gina money to fix her shop, asking to work it together as they dreamed long ago. Meanwhile, one of the other judges offers Gina her own show…


Can Gina find love and success as a baker while being true to who she really is?

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Genre: 1HR Drama, Thriller


Logline: Seeking the truth behind her brother’s murder, a prodigal heiress uncovers her family’s connection to a centuries-old conspiratorial society and must mastermind her revenge through their own secret network to bring down the world’s power elites – before the lure of power corrupts her.




A secretive organization of power elites, the .01% whose battles for control over geopolitical and financial markets win wealth and power at the risk of global economic devastation where the ones who pay the price for their mistakes… are us. Then there are those between Us and Them, the knowledge brokers, whose analysis and strategies choose who lives and dies…


Until one woman decides to reshape the game and will either defeat the devil or become him.




A prodigal daughter returns with a vengeance!


EVIE PRESCOTT, the black sheep of a wealthy and prestigious family, is summoned home to attend her brother Bryan’s funeral. When answers about his death are lacking, Evie’s suspicions grow as they did a decade earlier when her father also died under mysterious circumstances. Once again, she’s caught between a distant socialite mother and the man she blames for her family’s misfortunes, her step-father PETER WICKMAN.


Worse, Evie is caught in a power struggle she’s not even aware of that threatens her life.


Bryan’s death causes a conundrum within an ancient and clandestine organization. Known as The Hegemony, twelve elite families hold lord over the world's financial and geopolitical power bases and the Prescott seat is now vacant. Evie was left out of the line of succession as recompense for an act against her family decades before.


If she doesn’t take the seat now, war within the Hegemony and the world is inevitable. 


Unaware that her mother is trying to protect her by discouraging her inquiries, Evie relentlessly delves into Bryan’s past and receives help from unlikely sources including, LIAM, the son of The Hegemony’s reigning leader who has dubious connections of his own. Seeking answers, she attends a party at the UN where her contact is murdered. As the assassin trains his gun on Evie…


Someone puts a bullet into the killer, just in time to save Evie!


Knowing Evie is in the cross-hairs, there’s no choice. Evie must take her place within the Hegemony, but it must be of her own free will. Enticed by the powerful resources of the Hegemony to find Bryan’s killer, Evie accepts unaware that once brought before the Hegemony she will be given an ultimatum… join or die.


Over the course of the season, Evie will risk everything to uncover the mystery surrounding her brother’s death and bring his killer to justice. To do this, she will jeopardize her family and her life as she weaves through a web of geopolitical manipulations and a trail of bodies, to unravel Hegemony plans and Peter’s schemes leading to an ultimate betrayal from the one person she trusts the most.


As the series builds, Evelyn usurps the Hegemony’s inner network to take down the organization itself, even if it throws the world in economic chaos.