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Passion... I'm passionate about the stories I write, the relationships I create throughout the film-making process and devotion to the craft. I am a seeker of truth... pushing through fear and anxiety to understand the underlying essence of each scene, character and plot-line.  I seek to illustrate the growing changes each character must make... from damaged to a healthy state... so they may become who they are meant to be. In doing so, I engage the audience in the process enabling them to discover some truth within themselves.

Each script is written with essential business decisions in mind to maximize marketability. These key elements include High concept, attractive roles for actors, and a conflict-driven transformational journey that meets budget specific requirements. I am particularly adept at creating dynamic characters that are universally relatable and reach audiences on a deep emotional level. Through interest techniques and strong structure, I create a story that captures one's attention all the way to FADE OUT.

Nothing is lost -- Everything you do is valuable -- Everything is teachable

- Pen Desham, Screenwriter (Crash, Moll Flanders, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves)

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