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A writer of award-winning DRAMA, my stories examine the struggle of misfits and miscreants as they seek to find their place in unfamiliar or unforgiving worlds .



A multi-award-winning screenwriter and producer for film and TV. Named as one of the industry’s Most Recommended Writers, I write gritty, character-driven stories that revolve around the socially-disenfranchised, the alienated, and rejected, who struggle to find their place in the world.

I earned my Master Screenwriter certification in 2016. Recognized for my skills and professionalism in screenwriting, I was inducted into the Indie International Hall of Fame in 2019.

A highly collaborative writer, I can take your concept or novel and adapt it for the screen.

Writing samples are available upon request.

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April 2020 - Named Creative Executive for London Angel Film (UK, AUS)

August 2019 - Inducted into the Indie International Filmmakers Hall of Fame

"JoAnn is a reliable screenwriter and collaborator. I have worked with her on TV and film projects and our collaboration was inspiring and fruitful. She is a pluralistic writer, full of ideas, very organized, and she delivers to deadlines. Her open mind and collaborative nature make her a pleasure to work with and an effective associate.

I always trust that JoAnn will listen, incorporate notes, and deliver a better new version of a screenplay. This makes her a trusted team member that I always want to have in my teams of writers."

-Natasha Markou, Film Associate Producer/ A Mouthful of Air at Maven Pictures

" There are many writers to choose from, but those that are exceptional and can deliver are rare. Joann is always, dependable. 
As producers know, choosing a writer is risky, and I feel comfortable in recommending Joann in hiring her for your projects I will be employing her to do many more films with us once we move forward."
- Jason Cook, C.E.O and producer of The Way Forward Productions ltd 

"JoAnn’s screenwriting skills impressed me time and again, more than enough to recommend her as, “the directors best-kept secret.” Writers who can follow through and complete a script without conflict are hard to find. Outstanding writers who can deliver something like this are extremely rare. I intend to hire JoAnn on additional projects and encourage any director or producer to do the same. Five Stars."

- Eric Papa, Papa Productions