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JoAnn Hess Headshot

Jo Ann is a multi-award-winning screenwriter for film and television. She writes dynamic, character-driven stories about misfits and miscreants who struggle to find their place in unfamiliar or unforgiving worlds, empowering themselves and dealing with the consequences of their choices, something we all struggle with on a daily basis.


Optioned and contracted for hire by producers in both the US, UK, and Australia, JoAnn has numerous projects in various stages of development. Her scripts have garnered interest from several major production companies, including Netflix, Muse Entertainment, Estuary Films, and Tubi TV. Currently, she has several projects being packaged through MARVISTA Entertainment, Convergent Media, and Worldwide Entertainment & Media. 

As the Creative Executive for LONDON ANGEL FILMS, PTY, JoAnn is responsible for developing the company’s slate of films. She works closely with the Production team to read, provide coverage, and rewrite scripts to prepare them for production. 


She has an innate ability to translate a producer/director's original concept or adapt IP into a workable screenplay, and as such, she has collaborated on several projects. Notably, her film COOKSTER: The Darkest Days was released in April 2024.


Her scripts have placed in numerous prestigious award competitions, including the PAGE Awards, Final Draft’s BIG BREAK, Austin Film Festival, London Film Awards, and New Hope Film Festival. She is also a prestigious Torino ScriptLab selectee, one of only eight projects chosen each year.

As an Army brat and Navy wife, JoAnn has lived and traveled all over the world, giving her a unique perspective of culture, a sense of adventure, and an understanding of the threads of connection that bind us all together. 

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